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Silent List Building allows you to build huge lists of targeted people in any business.


We do not use the usual way of building subscriber lists. As well as employing the traditional way of people signing onto an email subscriber list, you'll also be able to build list through re-targeting advertising on Facebook and other advertising platforms that have proven to give great results.


The place to start with silent list building is with the free videos the Silent List Builder, The Four Course Meal and The Storm is Coming.


It is very important that you watch these videos carefully and go through them more than once so that you fully understand and get the concept of what is being taught to you in this free training.


Once you have gone through those three videos you will be able to start building your own lists on Facebook for free. You will earn commissions in bitcoin because that is the payment processor that our platform uses.


There is a fast start guide included so that you can go out the same day that you register and start building your own lists and earning commissions instantly.


Because we use Bitcoin as a payment processor there's no waiting to receive your commissions.Once you've gone through the three introductory training videos you have access to your back office.


The back office is in two parts which you need to be familiar with and all the training that you need do understand and operate the system is included for free.


There are two levels of paid membership the first of which gives you access to all the tools to make your Attraction Funnel system work.


The second part gives you access to a huge Mastermind Training which you will not be able to go through in a day. You will need to take your time pace yourself, go through each training and apply what you learn each day.


Silent List Building will change the way you think about marketing and the way that you market online.


It is a method, a set of tools and training that will allow you to move your business up to a very high level enabling you to earn far more than you might do if you were not to become a Silent List Builder.


To get started watch our Silent List Building introductory videos.